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I have known Jon for many years, perhaps as long as 18, and first met him when we discussed my pension provisions when a company in Windsor employed me. Jon was then, as he is now, an advisor who gives priority to the client and will always ensure that the advice he provides is the very best and most appropriate at the time of any discussion.

He has a strong ethical trait and will always, in my experience, put his client first even over any significant financial benefits that he could accrue should he use one of the many organisations that currently thrive by offering big incentives to an adviser for promoting their (personally) lucrative products.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to apply your expertise to help us to manage our finances through another very difficult year.
John & Gill

"Since my retirement in April 2011 Jon Eastwood has been our sole financial adviser. We have found Jon to be an expert in his field. Jon is a man of integrity who always gives unbiased and realistic advice, and does what he says. In these volatile times we have been very satisfied in the way that the investments which Jon recommended have grown."
Mike and Sue

"Over a period of many years Jon Eastwood has taken care of my financial interests both as regards my pension funds and investments. He is always happy to spend time explaining the workings of his proposals in simple diagrams and sketches so that one is fully able to grasp the full implications. His advice is sincere, professional and most importantly has met financial growth which was intended when plans were originally set in place. On a personal level Jon is very committed to his clients and treats them more as a friend than an advisor."

"Being a Scot married to an accountant we are very careful with money and demanding in our questions. Jon is always very patient to take the time to answer all our questions and explain how the various financial products work. His commitment to his customers is evident throughout his dealings with us."

"Jon is a man of integrity who really seeks the best interest of his client"

"I have known Jon for many years now and he has always provided me with helpful, practical financial advice regarding pension provision appropriate for my needs and ambitions. He takes great care to understand my family's financial circumstances and when and if those circumstances change he makes prompt and practical suggestions to accommodate those changes.

We meet twice a year for semi-formal updates on my current financial position, any changes in my projected retirement date and the progress of my pension provision. At these meetings we agree any changes in investment policy going forward.

A point worth making is that in addition to the funds under his care I also have a private pension with my current employer that I am separately responsible for in determining the investment of my total contributions. Jon has also freely and generously given me advice on the investment of these funds although he derives no financial benefit from this advice."

Jon Eastwood has been my financial advisor for some ten years. In that time his good humour and sound advice have been invaluable in keeping my finances in a healthy state through some of the most turbulent times in the markets for many years.

Jon's open and clear approach to fees for advice and arranging investments is a breath of fresh air. I know precisely how much the advice will cost and can make decisions accordingly. The fact that all Jon's fees are up front means my investments give me greater returns.

However, perhaps the most important thing is that I have trust in Jon's advice and his approach to business. That gives me the confidence to arrange my finances to the best advantage.

In short I have no hesitation in recommending Jon's services.

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