Money Makeover

Tips to make your finances more financially savvy

Follow our quick guide to structuring your financial affairs more tax-efficiently.

Tip 1
If you are married or in a registered civil partnership, you could potentially increase your tax-free income by switching assets that produce income into the name of the person who has not used all of their personal tax allowance. If you are both under the age of 65, you can currently each receive up to £6,475 (2009/10) a year before income tax is payable. For the over-65s there are even higher allowances available.
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Ethical money

Making ethical choices when it comes to your finances

More and more people are taking an interest in green and ethical issues according to the Investment Management Association, covering subjects as diverse as environmental improvement, climate change, genetically modified foods, gambling and the destruction of rain forests. Nowadays, you can choose to actively support or avoid these causes through everyday activities such as buying organic food, donating to particular charities or using recycled products. There are also increasing opportunities to make ethical choices when it comes to your finances.
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Corporate financial advice

Meeting the distinct and changing needs of you and your business

Did you know that we provide a comprehensive planning service designed to meet the distinct and changing needs of you and your business? We understand that having a sound financial plan is vital to the success and growth of your business, and to your own personal wealth and security.
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Tackling a potential IHT issue

Now is a great time to discuss your problem with us

The fall in the value of assets such as shares, buy-to-let properties and holiday homes to their lowest levels in years, combined with a historically low capital gains tax rate, may be prompting more and more taxpayers to give away surplus assets to minimise future inheritance tax (IHT) bills. If you are considering tackling a potential IHT issue, now is a great time to discuss this with us.
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