Absolute return funds

Achieving positive growth in bear as well as bull markets

During both bear as well as bull markets, absolute return funds aim to achieve positive growth. They offer ordinary investors access to a range of sophisticated investment techniques and seek to deliver a positive (or ‘absolute’) return every year regardless of what is happening in the stock market. Continue reading “Absolute return funds”

Financial wealth check

How to get your money into shape for the New Year

The start of the New Year is rapidly approaching and for many this is a time to start setting financial goals. But before you contemplate the important factors in achieving your financial success, follow our New Year wealth check and start by making sure you keep your tax bills to a minimum and protect your wealth from increasing taxation. Continue reading “Financial wealth check”

Pension planning

What are the options available both to you and to your employees?

If you’re a business owner there are many different pension options available both to you and to your employees. We can help you navigate this complex area and advise you on how to make sure that you choose the most suitable pension schemes available for your particular requirements. Continue reading “Pension planning”