Reliable Returns

Alternative complementary asset class

Tax-efficient investments are increasingly being used to complement pensions as part of an overall retirement planning solution. The tax relief provides a reliable return and you are able to access your money after the tax qualification periods, either to reinvest in tax-efficient investments for another round of tax relief, or to invest elsewhere. Continue reading “Reliable Returns”

Discover more

Taking the right steps to making adequate provision for your future

As your life changes, you’ll have different protection requirements. That’s where we can help. Your financial planning isn’t complete until you assess and address your protection needs. It is important that in committing yourself to any form of protection you take into account the affordability, long term, and therefore the sustainability of the policy. Continue reading “Discover more”

Green Money

Socially responsible investing

If you are an investor concerned about global warming and other environmental issues, how can you save and invest ethically? Ethical investments cover a multitude of different strategies, with the terms ‘ethical investment’ and ‘socially responsible investment’ (SRI) often being used interchangeably to mean an approach to selecting investments whereby the usual investment criteria are overlaid with an additional set of ethical or socially responsible criteria. Continue reading “Green Money”

Wealth Matters

Don’t lose sight of your investment goals

Planning for your future financial independence relies on selecting the right type of investments and balancing the risks you are comfortable with alongside the potential returns. Every investor is unique and complex, so when it comes to investments, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work – there isn’t a single investment strategy that will work for everyone. Continue reading “Wealth Matters”

Building a bigger pension

Reintroduction of Carry Forward rules

From 6 April 2011 the annual allowance for pension contributions reduced from £255,000 to £50,000. While this restricts the levels of contributions you can make without attracting an Annual Allowance charge, on the plus side the Government has brought back the Carry Forward rules. Continue reading “Building a bigger pension”

Saving for old age

UK savers face retirement savings gap

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has looked at the cost of living post-work and found that average incomes achieved by retirees are insufficient. UK savers face a retirement savings gap of £9 trillion due to increasing levels of debt, the cost of long-term care and insufficient pension savings. Continue reading “Saving for old age”