A new flexible friend

Withdrawing as little or as much income from your pension fund as you wish

Generating a retirement income has now become even more flexible. From 6 April, new rules were introduced to replace the previous pension drawdown arrangement which have now provided investors with greater flexibility and control over their pension options when they retire. Continue reading “A new flexible friend”

The new kid on the block

Pooling your money with thousands of other people

British collective investment funds that pool money from lots of investors go back to 1868. The first funds were investment companies – listed companies that offer shares to investors and then buy shares in other companies with the monies they collect in. Just like fully functioning companies, investment companies have boards of directors to oversee the managers’ efforts, shareholders with voting rights, and reports and accounts. Continue reading “The new kid on the block”

Junior savers

Avoiding the inflationary risk which comes with cash investments

The merits of the new Junior Individual Savings Account (ISA) are clear according to Fidelity Worldwide Investments but where to invest the allowance needs consideration. With the current low interest-rate environment many savers who would have not contemplated investing in funds may now decide to do so in order to avoid the inflationary risk which comes with cash investments. Continue reading “Junior savers”

Financial security

Losing a loved one is greatest fear in retirement

It’s understandable that parents and grandparents want to pass their wealth on to the next generations and by making a will we can decide what happens to our property and possessions after our death. Although you do not have to make one by law, it is the best way to make sure your estate is passed on to family and friends exactly as you wish. If you die without a will, your assets may be distributed according to the law rather than your wishes. Continue reading “Financial security”

Giving away your wealth

The British taboo of inheritance

Britons are still reluctant to talk openly with their parents about any expected inheritance, according to figures released by Aviva. Almost two-thirds have not, or would not talk about the subject openly with their parents, despite the fact that 40 per cent of people still expect an inheritance and may even build it into their retirement planning. Continue reading “Giving away your wealth”

Financial support for your dependants

Over half of UK adults have no life insurance, leaving many families vulnerable

We can’t predict the future, which makes it all the more important we’re prepared for whatever life may throw at us. In the event that the worst happens to you life insurance could help support your dependants, giving you peace of mind that they’ll be financially protected when you’re gone. Continue reading “Financial support for your dependants”

Take AIM with your investments

Invaluable tax break for experienced investors

Saving tax is a preoccupation for many investors. However, for some experienced investors the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) offers an invaluable tax break in the form of business property relief (BPR).
AIM is the most successful growth market in the world. Since its launch in 1995, over 3,000 companies from across the globe have chosen to join AIM, helping smaller and growing companies raise the capital they need for expansion. Continue reading “Take AIM with your investments”