Is your nest egg cracked?

Making sufficient financial preparations for the future

Retirement savings have plummeted among those aged 55-64 over the past year as the cost of living continues to rise, according to Aviva’s latest Real Retirement Report. Continue reading “Is your nest egg cracked?”

Navigating a shifting landscape

Prioritising short-term needs as opposed to long-term goals

Recent years have brought tremendous change around the globe, change that affects us all. People are trying to navigate this shifting landscape, but it’s not easy. Continue reading “Navigating a shifting landscape”

In sickness or in wealth

Could you lose thousands from your wages due to sickness?

A new report unveiled by LV= reveals that the average Briton spends almost a year (360 days) off sick. With on average 252 days in a working year, this equates to almost a year and a half of their working life. Continue reading “In sickness or in wealth”

Make the most of every available tax-planning opportunity

You’d better get your skates on with the end of tax year fast approaching

No one likes to pay more tax than they have to but one of the challenges of wealth is the high taxation it attracts. With real-terms tax increases the prospect for the foreseeable future the pressure is on to make the most of every available tax-planning opportunity. Continue reading “Make the most of every available tax-planning opportunity”

Cashing in on alternatives in 2014

Taking a step up the risk ladder means assessing your appetite for risk

It has been a torrid time for cash savers over the past five years. The Bank of England Base Rate has been on hold at its 300-year low of 0.5% since March 2009. Although there have been murmurings of a possible rise in interest rates on the horizon, savers should still explore all the options available to generate a return from their savings. Continue reading “Cashing in on alternatives in 2014”

Its good to talk

Don’t leave tricky money confersations hanging in the air this New Year

The Family Financial Tree report from Standard Life looked at the family money tree over four generations and makes some surprising findings. It reveals how families collectively manage and have talked about their personal finances. Continue reading “Its good to talk”

Desperately Seeking income

Yields have dropped across the asset classes, except
for equities

He may only have been in the job for just over six months, but Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has already signalled his intention to do things differently and this is most noticeable in his concept of ‘forward guidance’. Continue reading “Desperately Seeking income”

Will you be affected by the impending new lifetime allowance limit changes

Thousands of pension savers could be impacted by unless they act swiftly

If you are making high levels of pension contributions you will need to obtain professional financial advice to make sure that you know whether you will be affected by the impending new lifetime allowance (LTA) limit changes. Thousands of pension savers could be impacted by the forthcoming changes unless they act swiftly. Continue reading “Will you be affected by the impending new lifetime allowance limit changes”

Will you enjoy your retirement?

How to improve your golden years no matter what your current stage of life

Retirement may seem a long way off for you at the moment but that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. Consider our tips, which could help you increase your retirement income – no matter what your current stage of life – and pursue the retirement you envision. Continue reading “Will you enjoy your retirement?”