‘Shot in the arm’ for oil consuming economies

Positive impact on earnings, and a small positive impact on dividends

Despite the so far rather negative response of equity markets, the oil price falls could be seen as a ‘shot in the arm’ for oil consuming economies, with many viewing the oil price decline as being deeply beneficial because it amounts to a reduction in input costs and a dividend to consumers. Continue reading “‘Shot in the arm’ for oil consuming economies”

Hedging against downside risk

Divergent monetary policies and growth
trends could be key themes of 2015

The return of volatility – as valuations and investor complacency remain elevated – will make it vital for investors to consider hedging against downside risk and cut back on ‘me too’ investments this year, according to the BlackRock Investment Institute’s (BII) 2015 Investment Outlook. Continue reading “Hedging against downside risk”

Trust in your future

Exposure to a range of assets through a single investment

In performance terms, the attraction of investment trusts is consistently evident. They allow you to pool your money with that of other investors to get exposure to a range of assets through a single investment and are listed companies that issue a fixed number of shares quoted on a stock market, such as the London Stock Exchange. Continue reading “Trust in your future”

Influencing factors to managing your future wealth

When was the last time you revisited your investment goals?

It’s vital to know why you’re investing. The first step is to have a good think about your financial situation and your reasons for investing. Whatever your personal investment goal may be, it is important to set your time horizon at the outset, as this will impact on the type of investments you should consider to help achieve your goals. It also makes sense to revisit your investment goals at regular intervals to account for any changes to your personal circumstances. Continue reading “Influencing factors to managing your future wealth”