What to consider if you are
 approaching your retirement

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 approaching your retirement”

Taking control of your existing pensions

Alternative homes for your nest eggs

The Bank of England’s decision to keep interest rates low means that many savers will now receive virtually no return from their money. As a result, many will be looking for alternative homes for their nest eggs. If you are considering building a portfolio of income-producing funds, your first priority should be to decide the level of risk you’re happy with and the investment term. Let’s consider some of the options available.
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Is it time you had a wealth check?

Start the new decade with a new bill of wealth

At every stage in our lives, there are certain circumstances that stand out as important, but it is all too easy to put off planning in our earlier years. We have highlighted some of the important stages in life and the circumstances you might find applicable to your particular situation.
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Extra State Pension

Putting off your claim for at least five weeks

By choosing to put off claiming your State Pension you can receive an extra State Pension. You must put off your claim for at least five weeks. For every five weeks you put off claiming you can earn an increase to your State Pension of one per cent. Extra State Pension is paid on top of your normal weekly State Pension. It continues for as long as you are getting State Pension. Extra State Pension is increased each April in line with increases to your State Pension.
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The basic State Pension

Building up enough ‘qualifying years’

The basic State Pension is a government-administered pension. It is based on the number of qualifying years gained through National Insurance Contributions (NICs) you’ve paid, are treated as having paid or have been credited with throughout your working life.

– If entitled, you can receive the basic State Pension when you reach State Pension age. This is 65 for men born on or before 5 April 1959 and 60 for women born on or before
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